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The items below have been saved from the original TCP site version for historical documentation purposes. The information within these pages may no longer be accurate but shows what was distributed previously, when TCP was being organized and actively building the products found here like EEBO. If you have questions, please reach out to tcp-info@umich.edu.

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Julia Gardner at the University of Michigan

Alvin Snyder at the University of Iowa

There are two pages to this syllabus. The first is a general description of the class and readings, which include a several from the EEBO corpus. The second page is an example of an expanded bibliography for one of the assigned readings; in this case, it is the entry for Francis Bacon. There is also a description of two of the paper assignments that include reference to, and use of, EEBO texts. Because these pages were once part of a password protected site, not all of the links will work. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Professor Kirsten Uszkalo, University of Illinois

Requires students to address specific, critical historical questions via specific early modern texts.

Professor Huston Diehl at the University of Iowa

This assignment requires students to look at aspects of Paradise Lost by using other primary sources found in EEBO to illuminate specific aspects of seventeenth century culture addressed by Milton.

Kristen Demlow, School of Information, University of Michigan

Requires students to investigate primary sources by creating a personal diary using particular titles. Designed for middle and high school students, but also applicable to early undergaduate teaching.

Professor Joseph Black of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville English

Requires students to explore EEBO as a part of their introduction to the library and to bibliography.

Professor Jan Stirm at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Requires students to choose an author (from a selected list) and gather information on their works as represented in EEBO, including the centrality/marginality of those to other publications by the same author. Students were also to compare the Brown Woman Writers Project site to EEBO.

Hillary Nunn at Michigan State University

This assignment requires students to use the EEBO resources to gather background information on one of the plays covered in the class syllabus.

Alvin Snyder at the University of Iowa.

Requires students to approach a historical event and a literary text with an appreciation for competing critical attitudes towards cultural analysis.

This letter to John Tuck, the former Oxford representative of the EEBO-TCP, refers to the use of EEBO resources in assigned papers in an undergraduate class on English Literature. It also describes the overall value of the EEBO resources to the students in that it has the texts in the original format with illustrations.