The Text Creation Partnership was conceived in 1999 between the University of Michigan Library, Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford, ProQuest, and the Council on Library and Information Resources as an innovative way for libraries around the world to:

  • pool their resources in order to create full-text resources few could afford individually
  • create texts to a common standard suitable for search, display, navigation, and reuse
  • collaborate with commercial providers, rather than constantly bargaining and competing with them

As of today, the project has produced approximately 73,000 accurate, searchable, full-text transcriptions of early print books, which were previously only available as static page images. 

These full texts can be found in the following digital collections: 

Learn more about the texts; about using the content; about the history of the partnership; or consult our FAQ. We can also be reached at tcp-info@umich.edu.