Our scholarly partners

Gratitude is due the colleges and universities listed here from not only the TCP but the world of scholarship generally. It is only thanks to their contributions as partners, and the faith that they showed in our project, that TCP was able to do its work. Since the texts created under the aegis of ECCO-TCP, Evans-TCP, and EEBO-TCP have all been released to the public, the following table no longer has practical significance, except as a record of those to whom gratitude is due.

Our library partners

This list does not include higher-education institutions based in the UK, all of which are counted as EEBO Phase 2 partners thanks to consortial funding provided by JISC, the British “higher-, further-education and skills sectors’ not-for-profit organisation for digital services” (formerly the Joint Information Systems Committee).

Institution EEBO-TCP Phase I EEBO-TCP Phase II ECCO-TCP Evans-TCP
Albion College X
Alderson-Braoddus College X
Alice Lloyd College X
American Antiquarian Society X
American University X X X
Amherst College X X
Appalachian State University X X
Arizona State University X X X
Bates College X
Baylor University X X X
Berea College X
Bethany College X
Bluefield College X
Boston College X X
Brevard College X
Brigham Young University X X X
British Library X
Brock University X X
Brown University X X
Bryan College X
Bucknell University X X
Bryn Mawr College X X
California State University, Long Beach X X
Campbellsville University X
Carleton College X
Carleton University X
Carnegie Mellon University X X
Case Western Reserve University X X
The Claremont Colleges X X
Colby College X
College of St. Benedict and University of St. John X
Columbia University X X X X
Cornell University X  X X X
Dalhousie University X X
Dartmouth College X X X
Davis and Elkins College X
Duke University X X X X
Earlham College X
Emory University X X X
Emory and Henry University X
Ferrum College X
Florida Atlantic University X X X X
Florida Gulf Coast University X
Florida State University X
Folger Shakespeare Library X X
George Mason University X X
George Washington University X X
Georgetown University X X
Gettysburg College X
Grand Valley State University X X
Harvard University X X
Haverford College X X X X
Hillsdale College X X
Hiwassee College X
Indiana University X X X X
Iowa State University X
JISC Collections (representing most higher education institutions in the UK) X X
Johns Hopkins University X X X X
Keele University Library X X
Kentucky Christian College X
Kenyon College X X
King College X
Lafayette College X X
Lee University X
Lees-McRae College X
Lincoln Memorial University X
Lindsey Wilson College X
Loyola Notre Dame Library X
Mars Hill College X
Maryville College X
Massachusetts Institute of Technology X
McGill University X X X
Miami University X X
Middle Tennessee University X
Memorial University, Newfoundland X
Michigan State University X  X X
Middlebury College X X
Milligan College X
Montreat College X
Mount Holyoke College X  X
National Library of Scotland X X
National Library of Wales X X
National University of Ireland, Galway X X
New York Public Library X X
New York University X X X X
Northwestern University X X X X
Oberlin University X
The Ohio State University X X X X
Ohio University X  X X
Ohio Valley University X
Oklahoma State University X
Pennsylvania State University X X X X
Pepperdine University X
Pikeville College X
Princeton University X X X X
Purdue University X X
Reed College X X X X
Rice University X X X X
Rollins College X X
Rutgers University X X
Simon Fraser University X X X
Skidmore College X X
Southern Illinois University X X
Southern Methodist University X X X
St. Louis University X
Stanford University X X X X
SUNY Buffalo X
Swarthmore University X
Syracuse University X X
Temple University X X
Tennessee Wesleyan College X
Texas A&M University X X
Texas Christian University X X X
Trinity College, Connecticut X
Trinity College, Dublin X X
Tufts University X X
Tulane University X
Tusculum College, Greenville X
Union College X
University of Alabama X X
University of Alberta X X
University of Arizona X X
University of Arkansas X
University of Auckland X X
University of British Columbia X X
University of Calgary X X
University of California-Berkeley X
University of California-Irvine X X
University of California-Los Angeles X X X
University of California-Santa Barbara X
University of Charleston X
University of Chicago X X X
University of Cincinnatti X X X X
University of Colorado X X X
University of Connecticut X X X
University of Florida X X
University of Georgia X X
University of Glasgow X X
University of Guelph X X X
University of Helsinki X X  X
University of Hong Kong X X X
University of Illinois-Chicago X
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign X X X
University of Iowa X X X X
University of Kansas X X
University of Manitoba X
University of Maryland X X
University of Massachusetts X
University of Melbourne X
University of Miami X X X
University of Michigan X X X X
University of Minnesota X X X X
University of Mississippi X
University of Nebraska, Lincoln X  X
University of Nebraska, Omaha X
University of Nevada, Las Vegas X X X
University of New Mexico X X X
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill X X X
University of North Carolina, Greensboro X X
University of Notre Dame X X
University of Oklahoma X
University of Ottowa X
University of Oxford X X X
University of Pennsylvania X X X X
University of Pittsburgh X X
University of Rochester X X
University of Saskatchewan X X
University of South Carolina X
University of Southern California X
University of Sydney X X
University of Tennessee, Knoxville X X X X
University of Texas X  X
University of the Cumberlands X
University of the South X
University of Toronto X X X
University of Utah X
University of Victoria X X
University of Virginia X X X
University of Washington X
University of Western Australia X
University of Western Ontario X
University of Wisconsin X X X
Utah State University X X X
Vanderbilt University X X X
Vassar College X X X
Villanova University X
Virginia Intermont College X
Virginia Tech University X
Walla Walla University X X
Warren Wilson College X
Washington State University X X
Washington University, St. Louis X X X
Wesleyan University X
West Virginia Wesleyan College X
Western Michigan University X X
Wheeling Jesuit University X
Williams College X X
Yale University X X X X
Yeshiva University X
York University X X