Accumulated Wisdom


Mistaken use of ADD tags in LETTERs; Use of ADD tags for typewritten material; ADD with handwritten material; ADD in CLOSERs;

Addressee in CLOSER; Notary signatures; Use of POSTSCRIPT; Problem CLOSERs; Signatures tagged as SALUTE; DATELINE tagged as SIGNED; Correctly tagged CLOSER with DATELINE; CLOSER or TRAILER?; CLOSER, SIGNED, for "quoth x" ; Unusual CLOSERs in LETTERs; DATELINE or SIGNED for descriptions of person or place?; "directions" after CLOSER in letters;

DIV types
EEBO DIV TYPEs; ECCO DIV TYPEs; DIV TYPE="list of authors"; DIV type for lists of Scripture references; DIV TYPE="envoy" (1); DIV TYPE="register"; DIV type for quoted remarks; DIV type for kings; DIV TYPE="corroboration"; Q at the end of DIV; envoy (2); DIV TYPE="imprimatur"; DIV TYPE="title"; DIV TYPE="publisher's advertisement"; DIV TYPE="testimonial"; DIV TYPE="approbation"; DIV TYPE="envoy" (3); DIV TYPE="docket title"; DIV TYPE="attestation"; DIV TYPE="advertisement" etc; DIV TYPE="mittimus" etc; DIV TYPE="versions"; DIV TYPE="index" vs DIV TYPE="table of contents"; DIV TYPE or N?

Placement of STAGE directions; Use of STAGE for heads of speeches; Use of drama tags in other types of material; Use of STAGE for heads of speeches; "spoken by" as STAGE or OPENER; "spoken by" in STAGE not BYLINE; STAGE used in non-drama; STAGE used in musical texts; "enter chorus" as STAGE and SPEAKER; use of Q within dialogues and plays; STAGE in musical texts?;

Captions functioning as HEADs; Uncaptured material in captions; FIGURE before HEAD; Tags allowed in FIGURE; Two related thoughts on FIGUREs; Placing FIGURE inside HEAD.; Multiple PBs in fold-out maps; FIGURE appearing at the end of text; FIGURE before HEAD?; Porphyry's tree diagram; TRAILER type="illustration"; Use of FIGURE for title page borders?; Scheme attribute of FIGDESC; Capturing printers' devices; Guide letters in rubrication; Sample tagging of frontispiece with FIGURE, FIGDESC, and BYLINE;

Correcting illegibles; "Intruder" GAPs; Missing material of less than a page; Another intruder GAP; "Blank" GAPs; Mdash or blank gap?; Material omitted in print;

Half titles captured as HEADs; "The text" appearing before an EPIGRAPH; ARGUMENT in HEAD;

Marginal quotes; Letters broken by comments; Complex openings in LETTERs; Superscription in LETTER;

Acrostic poems; Songs in drama; LGs with indented text; Obsolete type attributes for LGs; Nested LGs for songs in drama; Short or Long Verse Lines?; Verse numbers in metrical psalms; Lines entirely in HI; Short or long lines? (3);

TRAILERS in LISTs; Complex nested LISTs; Simplifying an index; Simplifying LISTs with nesting; Simplifying LISTs with LABEL and ITEM; More on LABEL and ITEM; LISTs with just one ITEM; Syllogisms; ROLE="label" attribute for LABEL and ITEM; LISTs with curly braces; Syllables alongside syllogisms; Nested LISTs used for genealogies; Options for table of contents tagging; LIST type="sum"; Mixture of LISTs and verse;

ij; Hyphenated words in music; Vocal parts in music; Musical part book;

Endnotes; Multiple NOTE sets; Interlinear NOTEs; Endnotes and markers in the text; Index fingers tagged as MILESTONE; UNIT values in MILESTONEs; LETTERs broken by comments; Linking Endnotes; Difference between REF and PTR; Automatically moving NOTEs next to markers; Endnote or marginal note?; Correct use of endnotes; Strung out marginal notes;

Tagging "to the tune of"; OPENER and CLOSER as holdalls; DATELINE without DATE; Complex OPENERs in songs; "To the honour of God" as OPENER; Complex opening to dedication; Where to split HEADs and OPENERs; DIV TYPE="ballad"; more on HEADs and OPENERs in songs;

Q versus HI REND="marginal quotes"; startq; and endq; to mark dialogue; when to use HI REND="marginal quotes"; one-off dilemma; Q and BIBL within HEAD; Two Ps within one Q, or two Qs?; authorial interjections in quotations"; Use of Q and BIBL in HEAD (2); Q or TRAILER at the end of chapters; Use BIBL where there are no Q tags?; Thus far in BIBL;

Replacing BODY with GROUP; Wrong PB numbers

Parallel text or TABLE?; Use of TABLEs for paired quotations; TABLE tagging: rowspans; Point-by-point structure in parallel text;

Title Pages
Extra title page known as a "cancel"; Engraved or handwritten title pages;


Abbreviations and Ligatures
Esq;; Ambiguious ae/oe forms; German eszett/ss/tz; Barred q symbol meaning "qui" or "quam"?; More on barred q; E hook, eogon, and ae ligature; G with an abbreviation stroke; Caxton's barred double-l; Abbreviations for Christ; Removing ABBR round barred double-l; Abbreviation for "qui"; Caxton's "d-flourish"; Abbreviation for "quartern(e)";

Anglo-Saxon mistranscribed; Dealing with Gaelic/Irish fonts; Anglo-Saxon P and wyn; z/yogh; p/thorn; Scottish yogh and sz;

Foreign alphabets
Greek symbol made up of o and u; Standardization of Hebrew character entities; Breathings in Greek; Problems with capturing Greek; Breathings in Greek (2);

Where to find the latest charent file; Blocks of upside down characters; Upper-case Z in the middle of words; Whitespace capture;

Half slashes captured as commas; Use of &punc; within a word; Full stops in the shape of crosses; Space between elided article and noun in French; Mdash or blank gap?; ct ligature for ampersands; End-of-line hyphens

Unresolved Queries
Unresolved query; Another query;

Handwritten Symbols; Jupiter v. Recipe; Date symbols; Stand-alone symbols; X as denarius; Infinity symbol; Squares and Quadrines; Use of generic and specific cross entity references; Rotated index fingers; Reversed section symbol; Rx symbol; Fractions; Note-markers;


DTD and image sets

Notes, milestones and markers

Notes and Milestones
Note markers; Note placement; Handling endnotes.; STAGE and NOTE combined; Use of MILESTONE unit attribute; MILESTONEs with illegible values; Multiple notes with a single reference
Captions, Headings, and Quotations
Captions in figures; ARGUMENTS in verse; Quotations on title pages; Authorial interjections in quotations; Changing &startq; into <Q> and <HI>; <Q>s broken by <P>s. Q+BIBL inside HEAD. Q+BIBL inside TRAILER. Using running header for division header. Placement of epigraphs.
New tag: POSTSCRIPT; DIV versus LETTER; SALUTE and SIGNED; Use of DATELINE and DATE (DATELINE and SIGNED, DATELINE without DATE, Including dating system within DATE); Sample CLOSERs with problems; Correct sample CLOSERs and SIGNEDs; Lists of signatories.
Lists with curly braces; Genealogies as lists; Tables of Contents and Indexes as lists; Changes to the model of LIST; Syllogisms as lists


Matters philosophical
Correcting illegibilities; Counting in/excusable errors; Purpose of DIV types; Printer's errors.
Matters miscellaneous
Superscripts, including superscript o; Clarifying UNCLEAR; Long or short lines in verse; Abbreviations and abbreviation entities; Tagging "Explicit"s; editing TABLEs; Acrostic poem; "Spoken by..." in plays; letters for rubricator.