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Unresolved query

Source: email
Date: 20 Dec 2003
Vid: 108124
Page ref: 8
Keywords: symbol, anglo-saxon, measurement

On righthand page, 2/3 down, there is what appears to be a capital Thorn character being used as a unit of measure. Take a look. Any idea what it's doing there?

text containing unusual thorn character

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Another query

Source: email
Date: 5 Apr 2002
Vid: 11766
Page ref: 7
Keywords: symbol

The bit on this image that I do not understand at all is on the facing page (i.e., the right-hand page), about six lines down.

Context of z.z. lefe

"after set it in the sonne with water dystylled of fenell / veruen / roses / celodyne / & rewe & a lytell of the water of .z.z. lefe / & whan ye haue spryncled it in the water thryes or ten tymes / ..."

What is ".z.z. lefe"? The symbol looks a little different from the dram symbol on the previous page. It may be a real "z"; but if not, what? And what does it mean? It *looks* like it should be some kind of leaf rather than an amount.

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