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<DIV1 TYPE="book">
<PB REF="1">
<P>1 Paul handling a base and small matter, yet according to his maner mounteth aloft vnto God. 8 Sending againe to Philemon his vagabound and theeuish seruant, he en|treateth pardon for him, and very grauely preacheth of Christian equitie.</P></ARGUMENT>
<P N="1">PAul a prisoner of Iesus Christ, and
<HI>our</HI> brother Timotheus, vnto Philemon our deare friend, and fellow helper,</P>
<P N="2">2 And to
<HI>our</HI> deare
<HI>sister</HI> Apphia, and to Archippus our fellow souldier, and to the Church that is in thine house:</P>
<P N="3">3 Grace
<HI>be</HI> with you, and peace from God our Father, and
<HI>from</HI> the Lord Iesus Christ.</P>
<P N="4">4 I
<NOTE PLACE="marg1" N="*">1.<HI>Thes.</HI> 1.2. 2.<HI>thes.</HI>1.3.</NOTE>giue thankes to my God, making mention alwayes of thee in my prayers,</P>
<P N="5">5 (When I heare of thy loue and faith, which thou hast toward the Lord Iesus, and to|ward all Saints.)</P>
<P N="6">6 That the
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="a">By fellowship of faith, he meaneth those dueties of charitie which are bestowed vpon the Saints, and flowe forth of an effectu|all faith.</NOTE>fellowship of thy faith may bee made effectuall, and that whatsoeuer good thing is in you through Christ Iesus, may bee
<NOTE PLACE="marg2 N="b"">That by this meanes al men may perceiue how rich you are in Christ, to wit, in faith, charitie, and all bountifulnesse.</NOTE>knowen.</P>
<P N="7">7 For wee haue great ioy and consolation in thy loue, because by thee, brother, the Saints
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="c">Because thou diddest so dutifully and cheerefully re|fresh the Saints, that they conceiued inwardly a mar|ueilous ioy: for by this word (Bowels) is meant not onely the inward feeling of wants and mise|ries that men haue one of anothers state, but also that ioy and comfort which entreth into the very bowels, as though the heart were refreshed and comforted.</NOTE>bowels are comforted.</P>
<P N="8">8 Wherfore, though I be very bold in Christ to command thee, that which is conuenient,</P>
<P N="9">9
<NOTE PLACE="marg3" N="1">An example of a Christian exercise &amp; com|mendation for an other man.</NOTE>
<HI>Yet</HI> for loues sake I rather beseech thee, though I be as I am, euen Paul aged, and euen now a prisoner for Iesus Christ.</P>
<P N="10">10 I beseech thee for my sonne
<NOTE PLACE="marg1" N="*">
<HI>Colos</HI> 4.9.</NOTE> Onesimus, whom I haue begotten in my bonds,</P>
<P N="11">11 Which in times past was to thee vnprofi|table, but now profitable both to thee &amp; to me.</P>
<P N="12">12 Whom I haue sent againe: thou there|fore receiue him, that is mine owne
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="d">As mine owne sonne, and as if I had begotten him of mine owne body.</NOTE>bowels.</P>
<P N="13">13 Whom I would haue reteined with me, that in thy stead hee might haue ministred vnto me in the bonds of the Gospel.</P>
<P N="14">14 But without thy mind would I doe no|thing, that thy benefit should not be as it were of
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="e">That thou mightest not seeme to haue lent mee thy seruant vpon constraint, but willingly.</NOTE>necessitie, but willingly.</P>
<P N="15">15 It may be that he therfore
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="f">Thus he asswa|geth the harder kind of speach, which is to say, he ranne away.</NOTE>departed for
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="g">For a little time.</NOTE>a season, that thou shouldst receiue him for euer,</P>
<P N="16">16 Not now as a seruant, but aboue a ser|uant,
<HI>euen as</HI> a brother beloued, especially to me: how much more then vnto thee, both in the
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="h">Because he is thy seruant, as other seruants are, and because he is the Lords seruant, so that thou must needes loue him both for the Lords sake, and for thine owne sake.</NOTE>flesh and in the Lord?</P>
<P N="17">17 If therefore thou count our things com|mon, receiue him as my selfe.</P>
<P N="18">18 If he hath hurt thee, or oweth thee ought, that put on mine accounts.</P>
<P N="19">19 I Paul haue written
<HI>this</HI> with mine owne hand: I will recompense it albeit I doe not say to thee, that thou owest moreouer vnto mee e|uen thine owne selfe.</P>
<P N="20">20
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="i">Good brother let me obteine this benefit at thine hand.</NOTE>Yea, brother, let me obteine this pleasure of thee in the Lord: comfort my bowels in the Lord.</P>
<P N="21">21 Trusting in thine obedience, I wrote vn|to thee, knowing that thou wilt doe euen more them I say.</P>
<P N="22">22 Moreouer also prepare me lodging: for I trust through your prayers I shall bee freely giuen vnto you.</P>
<P N="23">23 There salute thee Epaphras my fellow prisoner in Christ Iesus,</P>
<P N="24">24 Marcus, Aristarchus, Demas,
<HI>and</HI> Luke my fellow helpers.</P>
<P N="25">25 The grace of our Lord Iesus Christ,
<HI>bee</HI> with your spirit, Amen.</P>
<TRAILER>&para; Written from Rome to Philemon,
<HI>and sent</HI> by Onesimus a seruant.</TRAILER> </DIV1>
<DIV1 TYPE="book">
<P>THe drift and end of this Epistle, is to shew that Iesus Christ the Sonne of God both God and man is that true eternal &amp; only Prophet, King and high Priest, that was shadowed by the figures of the old law, and is now in deed exhibited: of whom the whole Church ought to be taught, gouerned, &amp; sanctified.</P></ARGUMENT>
<DIV2 TYPE="chapter">
<P>1 To shewe that the doctrine which Christ brought, is most excellent, in that it is the knitting vp of all prophecies, 4 hee aduanceth him aboue the Angels: 10 And proo|ueth by diuers testimonies of the Scriptures, that hee farre passeth al other.</P></ARGUMENT>
<P N="1">AT
<NOTE PLACE="marg3" N="1">The first part of the generall proposition of this Epistle: the sonne of God is in deed that Pro|phet or teacher, which hath ac|tually now per|formed that that God after a sort &amp; in shadowes signified by his Prophets, and hath fully opened his Fathers wil to y^e world.</NOTE>sundrie times and in di|uers maners God spake in the olde time to
<HI>our</HI> fathers by the Prophets: in these
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="a">So that the former declaration made by the Prophets was not ful, &amp; nothing must be added to this latter.</NOTE>last dayes hee hath spoken vnto vs by his
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="b">Which one Son is God &amp; man.</NOTE>Sonne,</P>
<P N="2">2
<NOTE PLACE="marg3" N="2">The second part of the same proposition: The same Sonne is appointed of the Father to be our King and Lord, by whom also he made all things: and in whome onely he setteth forth his glory, yea, and himselfe also to be beholden of vs, who beareth vp and susteineth all things by his wil and pleasure.</NOTE>Whome hee hath made
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="c">Possessour and equall compartner of all things with the Father.</NOTE>heire of all things, by whom also he made the
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="d">That is, whatsoeuer hath beene at anytime, is, or shall be</NOTE>worlds,</P>
<P N="3">3
<NOTE PLACE="marg1" N="*">
<HI>Col.</HI> 1.15.</NOTE>Who being the
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="e">Hee in whom that glory and Maiestie of the Father shineth, who is otherwise infinite, and cannot be beholden.</NOTE>brightnes of the glory, and the ingraued forme of his
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="f">His Fathers person.</NOTE>person, &amp;
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="g">Susteineth, defendeth, and cherisheth.</NOTE>bea|ring vp all things by his mighty word,
<NOTE PLACE="marg3" N="3">The third part of the same proposition: The same Sonne executed the office of the hie Priest in offering vp himselfe, and is our onely and most mightie Mediatour in heauen.</NOTE> hath by himselfe purged our sinnes, and
<NOTE PLACE="marg2" N="h">This sheweth that the fauour of that his sacrifice is not onely most acceptable to the Father, but also is euer|lasting, and furthermore how farre this high Priest passeth all the other high Priests.</NOTE>sitteth at the right hand of the maiestie in the highest places,</P> </DIV2></DIV1></BODY></TEXT></EEBO>