Sample 2.7

SGML-encoded transcription

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<STC T="S">0000</STC>
<BIBNO T="umi">00000000</BIBNO>
<VID>00000</VID> </IDG>
<TEXT LANG="eng">
<DIV1 TYPE="book" N="3">
<DIV2 TYPE="day" N="6">
<PB REF="15" N="xxx">
<HEAD>&para; Here after foloweth the syxte daye of our spirituall iourney / called the pilgrimage of perfection.</HEAD>
<P>&para; Here begynneth the co~templatiue lyfe / after saynt Anselme
<HI>lib. de similitudinibus. cap. 131.</HI> saynt Bo|naue~ture
<HI>li. de septem donis. tracta. de dono inte&abus;. ca. pri.</HI> saynt Thomas
<UNCLEAR>In.</UNCLEAR> 3. d. 34. q~. pri. arti. 2.</HI>with diuerse other doctors and holy fathers. . .</P></ARGUMENT>
<DIV3 TYPE="chapter" N="1">
<HEAD>&para; The firste chapiter applyeth the sixte daye of this iourney to the sixte day of y^e creacion of the vniuersal worlde / and sheweth the effectes and properties of the sixte gyfte of the holy goste / called the gyft of gostly understandyng.</HEAD>
<P>THe sixte daye of the pilgri|mage of perfection / may be decla|red by the sixt daye of the creacion of the worlde. For lyke as than / man was create &amp; made in nature / and also the beestes of the erthe / whiche at that tyme were obedie~t to man / and nat noysom or hurtfull / but after the com|maundement of god / they were all at his co~maunde|ment / and vnder his wyll &amp; daminion or rule / as it is open in the boke of
<ABBR>Genes</ABBR>. So lyke wyse in the wor|kes
<NOTE PLACE="marg">
<ABBR>Genes</ABBR>. i.</NOTE>of grace / and in the degrees and ascension of the same / In this present sixte daye in the pilgrimage of perfection / the inwarde man or the spirituall man / y^t is mannes soule / is in maner newe create / nat by na|ture
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