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<DIV2 TYPE="version" LANG="eng">
<PB REF="1" N="CCLV">
<P>Yf any ma~ se hys brother syn a sy~n that is nat vnto death, let him axe, and he shal gyue hym lyfe for them that syn nat vnto deathe. There is a syn vnto death for whiche saye I nat that a ma~ shuld pray. Al vnryghtwisnes is syn, and there is syn nat vnto deathe.</P>
<P>We knowe that who so euer is borne of God, synneth nat: but he that is begotten of God kepeth hym selfe, and that wycked tou|cheth hym nat. We know that we are of god, and that the worlde is altogither set on wyc|kednes. We knowe that the sone of God is come, and hath gyuen vs a mynde to knowe hym which is true: and we are in him that is true, throughe hys sone Iesu Chryste. Thys same is very God, and eternall lyfe. Babes kepe your selues from ymages.</P>
<DIV2 TYPE="version" LANG="lat">
<PB REF="2" N="CCLVj">
<P>Si quis viderit fratrem suum peccare pctm~ non ad morte~, petet et dabit ei vi|ta~, pecca~tibus non ad mor|te~. Est pctm~ ad morte~, non pro illo dico vt roges. Om+nis iniquitas pctm~ est. Et est pctm~ non ad mortem.</P>
<P>Scimus quod omnis qui natus est ex deo, non pec|cat, sed
<ABBR>q</ABBR> genitus est ex deo seruat seipsum, &amp; malus ille non tangit eum. Scimus quod ex deo sumus, et mu~|dus totus in malo consti|tutus est. Scimus aute~
<ABBR>qd</ABBR> filius Dei venit, et dedit nobis mentem, vt cogno|scamus illum qui verus est et sum&abus; in vero, in filio ei&abus; Iesu Christo. Hic est ver&abus; de&abus;, &amp; vita eterna. Filioli, cauete vob&abis; a simulacris.</P>
<DIV1 TYPE="book">
<DIV2 TYPE="version" LANG="eng">
<HEAD>The seco~de Epy|stle of S. Johan the Appostle.</HEAD>
<MILESTONE N="A"> The elder to the elect Lady &amp; hyr chyldren, whiche I loue in the truthe: and nat I only, but also al that kno|wen the truth: for the truthes sake whiche dwelleth in vs, and shalbe in vs for euer. with you be grace mercy, and peace from God the father, and from the Lorde Iesu Chryste the sone of the father in truthe and loue.</P>
<P>I reioysed greatly y^t I founde of thy chyl|dren walkyng in truth, as we haue receyued a co~mau~dement of the father. And now bese|che I the lady, nat as though I wrote a new
<PB REF="3"> ... </P> </DIV2>
<DIV2 TYPE="version" LANG="lat">
<P>SEnior electe domine &amp; fi|li&abis; ei&abus;, quos ego diligo in veritate &amp; no~ ego solus, &absed; &amp; omnes qui cognouerunt veritatem, &abpro;|pter veritatem, que perma|net in nobis, et nobiscum erit in eternum. Erit no|biscum gratia, misericor|dia, pax a patre, et domino Jesu Christo filio patris in veritate et charitate.</P>
<P>Gauisus sum valde, quod inueni de filiis tuis ambu|lantes in veritate, sicut pre+ceptum accepimus a pa|tre. Et nunc rogo te Domina, non tanquam
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