Sample 3.8

SGML-encoded transcription

<IDG S="marc" R="UM" ID="A00000">
<STC T="S">0000</STC>
<BIBNO T="umi">00000000</BIBNO>
<VID>00000</VID> </IDG>
<TEXT LANG="eng">
<DIV1 TYPE="preface">
<PB REF="1">
<OPENER>HENRY THE EYGHT BY THE GRACE OF GOD KYNG OF Englande, France, and Irelande, defen|dour of the faythe, and in earthe of the churche of Englande and also of Ireland supreme head, vnto all his faythfull and louyng subiectes sendeth greetyng.</OPENER>
<P>LIke as in the tyme of darknes and igno|raunce, fyndynge out people seduced &amp; dra|wen frome the truthe by hipocrisye and su|perstition: we by the helpe of god and his worde, haue tra|uayled to purge and clense our realme from the apparaunt enormities of the same, wherin by openynge of goddis truthe, with settyng furth and publy|shinge of the scriptures, our laboures (thankes be to god) haue not ben void and frustrate: So nowe perceiuynge, that in the tyme of knowledge, the de|uyll (who ceasseth not in all tymes to vexe the worlde) hathe attented to re|turne agayn (as the parable in the go|spelle sheweth) into the house purged and clensed, accompanyed with seuen ... </P></DIV1></FRONT>

<!-- Not clear whether contents of OPENER are SALUTE or SIGNED or both, so left merely as OPENER. -->
<!-- note "x" easily mistaken for "r" in "vexe" -->