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<DIV1 TYPE="chapter" N="4">
<DIV2 TYPE="sermon" N="8">
<PB REF="1" N="159">The other is the obeying of Gods voyce. When as hee speaketh of the obeying of Gods voyce: it is to exclude all the fond deuotions of mans owne inuenting. For when men intend to serue God well, how goe they to worke? Mee thinkes (say they) that such a thing is good: and thereupon they set vp goodly gay seruices. Moses therefore excludeth all these thinges, in saying that we must obey the voyce of our God. Wher|fore let vs see that wee submit our seues vnto
<MILESTONE UNIT="line" N="10"> him. Because wee see the world is so greatly giuen to inuent fond deuotions: let vs for our part learne to know, that whatsoeuer is of mans deuising, is playne deceit, and euen the high way to leade vs to destruction: and that the one|ly way to please God and to make our lyfe allow|able before him, is simply to obey his worde, &amp; to submit our selues to him, whe~ he prouoketh vs to repentance, assuring our selues that it is the very meanes also whereby we may obteyne sal|uation,
<MILESTONE UNIT="line" N="20"> though wee haue deserued to perishe a hundred thowsand times.</P>
<P>Now let vs kneele downe in the presence of our good God with acknowledgement of our sins, praying him to make vs feele them better than we haue done heretofore, yea euen in such wise, as hauing condemned our selues for them, wee may not forbeare to rest vppon his promi|ses, and to resorte vnto him, and to pray vnto him, that hee may haue pitie vppon vs, as hee that desireth not the death of sinners, but that they should come home againe to him, for as|much as hee is ready to admit them to the sal|uation
<MILESTONE UNIT="line" N="10"> which hee hath promised to his children. Wherefore let vs repayre vnto him, euen in the name of our Lord Iesus Christ, and if wee con|uert not at the very first as soone as hee chasti|seth vs, let vs pray him to make vs to proceede in true repentaunce from day to day, by forsa|king the vice that is in vs, so as he may gouerne vs by his holy spirit, and the worlde may per|ceiue that Gods word hath such authoritie ouer vs, as we desire nothing but to fashion our selues
<MILESTONE UNIT="line" N="20"> all wholly thereafter. That it may please him to grant this grace, not onelie to vs, but also to all people and nations of the earth, &amp;c.</P></DIV2>
<DIV2 TYPE="sermon" N="9">
<HEAD>On Tewsday the iii. of Iune. 1555.</HEAD>
<HEAD TYPE="sub">The xxvii. Sermon, which is the ninth vpon the fourth Chapter.</HEAD>
<P N="32">32 For inquire thou nowe of the daies past, which haue beene before thee, since the day that God created man vpon the earth, and from the one end of hea|uen vnto the other, if euer there were done so great a thing as this, or if euer the like thing haue beene heard of.</P>
<P N="33">33 Was there euer anie Nation that hath heard the voice of God speaking out of the middes of fire, as thou hast heard and yet continuest aliue?</P>
<P N="34">34 Or was there euer anie God, that assaied to goe and take him a people from the middes of another people, by temptations, signes, and wonders, by warres and strong hand, by stretched out arme and great terriblenesse, as the Lord your God hath done in Egypt before your eies?</P>
<P N="35">35 He hat made thee to see them, to the intent thou shouldest knowe that the Lord is God, and that there is none other but onelie he.</P></Q></EPIGRAPH>
<P>ALthough that all the thinges that euer God did, ought to serue for our learning, &amp; wee
<MILESTONE UNIT="line" N="50"> knowe not any thing but by auncient stories: yet the later that thinges were done, so much the better ought they to touch vs. And although wee ought to profit our selues by Gods workes when wee beholde them a farre of: yet ought they to moue vs much more, then they touch our selues and concerne our owne persons. If a thing be tolde vs, which wee neuer sawe: yet ought the storie to serue to
<MILESTONE UNIT="line" N="60"> waken vs. But if wee bee able to beare witnesse of it our selues, so as our eyes haue seene it, and wee haue not had it by other mens report, but euery of vs is able to auowe it by his owne expe|rience: ought wee not to bee much better and muche more assuredly taught by it? In like case is it when any of vs shall haue seene or perceiued any worke of God: for he ought to be touched so much the more to the quick. In the
<MILESTONE UNIT="line" N="50"> selfesame respect doth Moses now speake vnto the people,
<Q>Looke about thee, inquire of the auncient tymes, see whether thou canst finde that euer there haue bin any such wonders wrought since the creation of the world, as God hath done in thy sight.</Q> Seeing it is so, thine vnthankfulnesse shalbe the more vnexcusable, if thou acknowledge not so great a bene|fite, by perswading thy selfe fully, that there is none other God than the same that hath vtte|red himselfe to thee, &amp; hath giuen thee so euide~t
<MILESTONE UNIT="line" N="60"> and infallible tokens of his maiestie. Therefore haue a regard to serue the God that hath pur|chased thee: for thou canst not henceforth al|ledge any cause of ignorance. Now by the way we haue to marke, y^t the intent of Moses is, to put a difference here betweene y^e God of Israel, &amp; all ... </P></DIV2></DIV1></BODY></TEXT></EEBO>

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