Sample 2.8

SGML-encoded transcription

<IDG S="marc" R="UM" ID="A00000">
<STC T="S">0000</STC>
<BIBNO T="umi">00000000</BIBNO>
<VID>00000</VID> </IDG>
<TEXT LANG="fre">
<DIV1 TYPE="characters">
<HEAD>Cathalogue des personnaiges dont les aduis sont contenus au liure.</HEAD>
<ITEM>Jehan Oecolampade, en son viuant, Superintendent de Basle.</ITEM>
<ITEM>Philippe Melancthon, Professeur en Theologie a Wittenberghe.</ITEM>
<ITEM>Martin Bucere, iadis Superintende~t de Strasbourch, et maintenant pro|fesseur Royal en Theologie a Ca~britz.</ITEM>
<ITEM>Pierre Martyr, Professeur Royal en Theologie a Oxone.</ITEM>
<ITEM>Jehan Caluin, Superintendent de Geneue.</ITEM>
<ITEM>Simon Sultzere, iadis Minstre de Berne.</ITEM>
<ITEM>Jehan a Lasco, Baron de Poloingue.</ITEM>
<ITEM>Bernardin Ochim, iadis Predicateur a Ausbourch.</ITEM></LIST>
 <HEAD>Pasteurs &amp; ministres de Zurich.</HEAD>
 <ITEM>Henry Bullinger</ITEM>
 <ITEM>Rodolphe Gwalterus.</ITEM>
 <ITEM>Ottho Wedmullerus</ITEM> </LIST> </ITEM> </LIST> </DIV1> </BODY> </TEXT> </EEBO>
<!-- Difficult to interpret some of the capital letters here, especially capital O (e.g. in first and fourth items), which resembles a capital "D"; the capital "L" (seventh item), which resembles a capital "C" (third item). -->
<!-- Note use of nested LIST to deal with last item (the three pastors/ministers of Zurich) -->