Sample 2.4

SGML-encoded transcription

<IDG S="marc" R="UM" ID="A00000">
<STC T="S">0000</STC>
<BIBNO T="umi">00000000</BIBNO>
<VID>00000</VID> </IDG>
<TEXT LANG="eng lat">
<DIV1 TYPE="part">
<PB REF="1" N="xxviii">
<HEAD>De constructione verboru~.</HEAD>
<DIV2 TYPE="examples">
<HEAD>Exempla de adiectiuis tanti / quanti.&amp;c.</HEAD>
<P>I can laye moo thynges vnto thy charge than y^u arte ware of.
<NOTE PLACE="inter">Pluris te insimulare novi:
&quam; opinaris. vel opinione tua.</NOTE></P>
<P>I set not a poynt what thou can laye to my charge I can laye as moche to thyne.
<NOTE PLACE="inter">Floccipendo / quanti me condemnes: no~ minoris eni~ te damnabo.</NOTE></P></DIV2>
<DIV2 TYPE="rule">
<HEAD>Preceptu~. Ad preciu~ spectans verbu~.&amp;c.</HEAD>
<P>Thou mayst bye as moche loue for a nagled i~ y^e mydle of Scotland. as thou shall wynne by thy co~playntes.
<NOTE PLACE="inter">Emas beniuolentiam paululo / vbiuis locoru~ quanta~ ex querimonijs concilies.</NOTE></P>
<P>All the gaynes that y^u shall get by this bargen / is not worthe a ferthynge.
<NOTE PLACE="inter">Lucrum quod ex hac re capies: quadrante non valet.</NOTE></P></DIV2>
<DIV2 TYPE="examples">
<HEAD>Exempla de adiectiuis.</HEAD>
<P>For what so ever thou wynnes in the shyre thou shall lese it in the hondreth.
<NOTE PLACE="inter">Qua~tiuis eni~ (vel quantilibet / quanticun&abque;) fructus hinc valent: isthinc pluris erit iactura.</NOTE></P>
<P>Thy ware standeth the in as moche &amp; more I thynke than thou shall sell it fore.
<NOTE PLACE="inter">Tua tantidem (et pluris opinor) constiterunt /
&quam; ea venundabis.</NOTE></P>
<P>He that selleth for .vij. &amp; byeth for a .xi. it is merueyle yf euer he thryue.
<NOTE PLACE="inter">Qui minori precio venundat /
&quam; comparat: miru~ est si rem faciat (vel lucrum faciat) vspiam.</NOTE></P></DIV2>
<DIV2 TYPE="rule">
<HEAD>Estimo cu~ pendo facio genitum. &amp;c.</HEAD>
<P>He that wyll thryue muste set (or holde) his ware (or stuf) at double pryce y^t he wyll sel it / as lo~doners doeth
<NOTE PLACE="inter">Qui lucrari cupit / merces duplo pluris estimare debet (quod londoniani factitant)
&quam; venundet.</NOTE></P>
<P>I let very lytle / or nought by hym y^t can not face oute his ware with a carde of .x.
<NOTE PLACE="inter">Minimi immonauci / aut nihili pendo eu~: qui merces suas non maxime faciat.</NOTE></P> </DIV2>
<DIV2 TYPE="rule">
<P>...</P></DIV2> </DIV1> </BODY> </TEXT> </EEBO>
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