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<PB REF="1" N="234">And now I leave any man to judge whether we have not had an infallible way of receiving these Records from the first Witnes|ses?</P>
<P>Not that every of the particulars before mentioned, are ne|cessary to the proving or certain receiving the Authentick Re|cords without depravation: for you may perceive, that almost any two or three of them might suffice; and that divers of them are from abundance for fuller confirmation.</P></DIV2>
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<HEAD>&sect;. 4.</HEAD>
<P>Objections a|gainst this Ar|gument An|swered.</P> </ARGUMENT>
<P>ANd thus I have done with this first Argument drawn from the Miracles, which prove the Doctrine and Writings to be of God.</P>
<P>But I must satisfie the Scruples of some before I proceed.
<NOTE PLACE="marg">1. Answ.</NOTE>First, Some will question, whether this be not 1. To resolve our faith in|to the Testimony of man; 2. And so make it a Humane faith; and so 3. To jump in this with the Papists, who believe the Scripture for the Authority of the Church, and to argue Circularly in this as they. To this I Answer, First, I make in this Argument the last Resolution of my faith into the
<NOTE PLACE="marg" N="*">
<HI>Nos fidem quae verbis Dei habetur, et si non prorsus nasci ex mira|culis, attamen ex eis confir|mari possumus credere,</HI> Pet. Martyr.
<HI>Loci Commun. cap.</HI> 8.
<HI>page</HI> 38.
<HI>Vid. plura ibi|dem.</HI> </P>
<HI>Lege Whitakeri</HI> Duplicat. adv. Stapleton de fac. Script lib. 1. cap.3. page 55.56.57. &amp;c.
<HI>Plenissim&egrave; de hoc different.</HI> Sic cap.4.p.62. &amp;c. c. 5. and cap. 6.
<HI>de quatuor officiis ecclesiae circa Scriptur. viz. ut sit Tabellio vel Registarius.</HI> 2.
<HI>Vindex qui ve|ras Script. &agrave; falsis vindicet.</HI> 3.
<HI>Praeco, qui Script. promulget &amp; divulget.</HI> 4.
<HI>Interpres. Vide etiam</HI> l. 2. cap. 5. page 332.333.334,&amp;c.
<HI>Et triplex officium ecclesiae dat Polanus</HI> Syntag.l.1.cap.28.</P></NOTE> Miracles wrought to confirm the Doctrine. If you ask why I believe the Doctrine to be of God? I Answer, because it was confirmed by many undeniable Miracles. If you ask why I believe those Mircles to be from God? I Answer, because no created power can work a Miracle: So that the Testimony of man is not the Reason of my believing, but one|ly the means by which this matter of Fact is brought down to my Knowledge. Again, Our Faith cannot be said to be Resolved into that which we give in Answer to your last Interrogation, except your Question be onely still of the proper grounds of Faith: But if you change you Question from, what is the Ground of my Faith? to, what is the
<NOTE PLACE="marg" N="&dagger;">
<HI>Non per alios dispositionem salutis nostrae cognovimus qu&agrave;m per eos per quos Evangelium pervenit ad nos; quod quidem tunc praeconiav&ecirc;runt, postea vero per Dei voluntatem in Scripturis nobis tradiderunt, fundamentum &amp; columnam fidei nostrae futurum.</HI> Irenaeus adver. haeres. lib.3 cap.1.</NOTE> means of conveying down the History to me? Then my faith is not Resolved into this means; Yet this</P></DIV2> </DIV1> </BODY> </TEXT> </EEBO>

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