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<TEXT LANG="eng">
<DIV1 TYPE="book" N="2">
<DIV2 TYPE="eclogues" N="2">
<P> ... </P>
<PB REF="1" N="243">
<L>FAire rocks, goodly riuers, sweet woods, when shall I see peace? Peace.</L>
<L>Peace? who debars me my tongue? who is it that comes me so nie? I.</L>
<L>O I doo know what guest I doo meete: it is
<HI>Echo.</HI> T'is
<L>Well mett
<HI>Echo;</HI> aproch, and tell me thy will too. I will too.</L>
<HI>Echo,</HI> what doo I get yeelding my sprite to my grieues? Grieues.</L>
<L>What medicine may I finde for a paine that drawes me to death? Death.</L>
<L>O pois'nous medicine: what worse to me can be then it? It.</L>
<L>In what state was I then, when I tooke this deadly disease? Ease.</L>
<L>And what maner a minde, which had to that humor a vaine? Vaine.</L>
<L>Hath not reason enough vehemence the desire to reproue? Proue.</L>
<L>Oft proue I: but what salue, when Reason seeks to be gone? One.</L>
<L>O what is it? what is it, that may be a salue to my loue? Loue.</L>
<L>What doo louers seeke for, long seeking for t'enioye? Ioye.</L>
<L>What be the ioyes, for thich t'enioye they went to the paines? Paines.</L>
<L>Then to an earnest loue what doth best victorie lende? Ende.</L>
<L>Ende? but I can neuer ende: Loue will not giue me the leaue. Leaue.</L>
<L>How be the mindes disposde, that cannot taste the Physicke? Sicke.</L>
<L>Yet say againe th'aduice for th'ils that I tolde thee. I told th</L>
<L>Doth th'infected wretch of his ill th'extremitie know? No.</L>
<L>But if he know not his harmes, what guids hath he whilst he be blind? Blinde.</L>
<L>What blinde guides can he haue that leades to a fancie? A fancie.</L>
<L>Can fancies wante eyes? or he fall that steppeth aloft? Oft.</L>
<L>What causes first made these torments on me to light? Light.</L>
<L>Can then a cause be so light, that forceth a man to goe die? I.</L>
<L>Yet tell, what light thing I had in me to drawe me to die? Eye.</L>
<L>Eie-sight made me to yeeld: but what first pearst to my eyes? Eyes.</L>
<L>Eyes hurters? eyes hurte? but what from them to me falls? Falls.</L>
<L>But when I first did fall, what brought most fall to my harte? Arte.</L>
<L>Arte? what can be that arte, which thou doost meane by thy speach? Speach</L>
<L>What be the fruites of speaking arte, what growes by the wordes? Wordes.</L>
<L>O much more then wordes: those wordes seru'd more me to blesse. Lesse</L> </LG> </SP> </DIV2></DIV1</BODY></TEXT></EEBO>
<!-- Sir Philippe Sidnei, The Covntesse of Pembrokes Arcadia (1590), fol. 243a -->
<!-- A particularly difficult poem to tag aptly. Alternatives are possible. -->