Sample 1.10

SGML-encoded transcription

<IDG S="marc" R="UM" ID="A00000">
<STC T="S">0000</STC>
<BIBNO T="umi">00000000</BIBNO>
<VID>00000</VID> </IDG>
<DIV1 TYPE="poem">
<PB REF="1">
<HEAD>THO. Berthelet on this historie.</HEAD>
<L>VVHO so euer desireth for to rede</L>
<L>Marciall prowesse, feactes of chiualrie,</L>
<L>That maie hym profite at tyme of nede,</L>
<L>Lette hym in hande take this historie,</L>
<L>That sheweth the sleyghtes and policie,</L>
<L>The wyly traynes of wyttie Anniball,</L>
<L>The crafty disceites, full ofte wherby</L>
<L>He gaue his puissaunt ennemies a falle.</L> </LG>
<L>&para; Of woorthie stomacke, and courage valyaunt,</L>
<L>Of noble herte, and mannely enterprise,</L>
<L>Of ientlenesse, of mynde sure and constaunt,</L>
<L>Of gouernaunce prudent, ware, and wyse,</L>
<L>Shall fynde accordynge vnto his diuise</L>
<L>This prince Scipio, this myghty Romayne,</L>
<L>Whiche all fon pleasure euer dydde dispyse,</L>
<L>In Continence a lorde and souueraigne.</L> </LG>
<L>&para; Lo thus maie menne playnly here beholde,</L>
<L>That wyly wytte, power, guyse, nor policie,</L>
<L>Coulde Anniball euer styll vpholde,</L>
<L>But that by Scipios woorthy chiualrie,</L>
<L>His manhode, vertue, and dedes knyghtly</L>
<L>He was subdued, there is no more to sayne,</L>
<L>And yet to speake, as trouthe wyll verifye,</L>
<L>There was neuer founde a better capitayne.</L> </LG> </DIV1> </FRONT>