EEBO coding queries #P17

Multiple typefaces used concurrently, partly to mark quotations.

STC: S12594
VID: 3766
TITLE: Against Ierome Osorius

Q.: On the attached image ( image 36), we found that there are three (3) [type faces] appearing within the paragraph, these are roman, italicized and old format [i.e., "textura" or blackletter] text.

  1. Do we key the roman text within <hi> tag, treat the italicized text as <q> and capture the old-format text as normal text? OR

  2. Do we key both roman and italicized texts within <hi> tag and capture the old-format text as normal text?

A.: Both of these options are legitimate; which you use depends on which you are most comfortable using. Option (b) is the easiest, but option (a) provides us with the most information.

That is, we like option (a), but here are a few of the consequences of using it:

  1. it requires you to be able to distinguish text that is in italic *because it is a quotation* from text that is in italic for other reasons. Only the quotations should get marked with <Q>: other italic text (assuming that some other tag does not apply) should be marked simply as <HI> (e.g. <HI>interim</HI> on image 37, which is in italic but is not a quotation).

  2. You should also bear in mind that roman type might ALSO be used sometimes to mark a quotation and should therefore be captured with >Q< rather than >HI<.

  3. if you follow option (a), there will be times when the italic quotation has parenthetical remarks inserted within it in "old-format" type (e.g. on image 39, lower left).

    In that case, the old-format type (within the quotation) has to be marked with <HI>, like this:

    <Q>You haue made fru|strate <HI>(sayth he)</HI> the commaundement of God, through your owne traditions.</Q>

This answer is basically a restatement of the rule: "<Q>s are used ... for block quotations ... [including] lengthy quotations that are set off by the use of other typographic cues, such as (if unambiguously marking a block quotation) a change of typeface.... If you're not sure if a block of text is a <Q>, simply record the appearance of the text (using, e.g. <P> and <HI>)."