Both of the examples below show a vendor (inconsistently) supplying letters that, while perhaps correct, are not present in the image because the edge of the page was "cropped" either in binding or in microfilming.

Example 1: S23793, image 8

These two notes were captured like this:

<NOTE PLACE="marg" N="*">In English I haue put placed) <HI>G$$ my helpe</HI></NOTE>

<NOTE PLACE="marg" N="*">Annagram of the <unclear>$$$$</unclear> Motto of <HI>Posui</HI> place into English words, <HI>Wis|dom admit me Power</HI></NOTE>

Note that the underlined letters above are not present in the image.

They should more exactly have been captured as follows (some or all of the <GAP>s could also have been captured as "$span$ or $word$):

<NOTE PLACE="marg" N="*">In Engli<GAP DESC="missing"> I haue put<GAP DESC="missing"> placed) <HI>G<GAP DESC="missing"> my helpe<GAP DESC="missing"></HI></NOTE>

<NOTE PLACE="marg" N="*">Annagra<GAP DESC="missing"> of the $$$<GAP DESC="missing"> Motto of <GAP DESC="missing"> <HI>Posui,</HI> p$a<GAP DESC="missing"> into Engl$s<GAP DESC="missing"> words, <HI>W<GAP DESC="missing">dom $d$<GAP DESC="missing"> me Pow<GAP DESC="missing"></HI></NOTE>

Example 2: S23785, image 9

Captured like this:

<NOTE PLACE="MARG"><HI>Shooma vs Prison.</HI></NOTE>

Interpretation seems to have led you astray here: since you didn't know how to complete the word Shoo-[make]rs, you made "Shoo" and "vs" two separate words and ignored the clear hyphen after "Shoo".

Could more aptly have been captured like this:

<NOTE PLACE="marg">Shooma|<GAP DESC="missing">rs Prison.</NOTE>

or, if you didn't recognize that there was text missing, like this:

<NOTE PLACE="marg">Shooma|rs Prison.</NOTE>


<NOTE PLACE="marg">$word$ Prison.</NOTE>

Captured as:

<NOTE PLACE="MARG"><HI>Truth and Honesty pri|soners.</HI></NOTE>

Underlined letters do not appear in the image.

Could more aptly have been captured like this:

<NOTE PLACE="marg"><GAP DESC="missing">$uth and <GAP DESC="missing">nesty pri|<GAP DESC="missing">$ers.</NOTE>

or even like this:

<NOTE PLACE="marg">$word$ and $span$</NOTE>

Captured like this:


No attempt to expand this note beyond what's in the image.

Could also have been captured like this:

<NOTE PLACE="marg"><GAP DESC="missing">hard case.</NOTE>

or even:

<NOTE PLACE="marg">$word$ case.</NOTE>