Creative keying

It is difficult to set the "illegibility threshhold" in an exact and reproducible way, but some of the letters below, though they were all captured correctly--in the sense the printer's intentions were accurately captured--seem to us to be illegible. If a letter really is illegible, do not be afraid to capture it as such.

Image Captured as Comment
Hugh Peters, Damaged letters ("Pet") well captured.
Archbishop Damaged letters ("r" and "i") well captured.
effe|ctual "a" almost entirely missing in original; space and two dots remaining are consistent with the "a" that was supplied, but safer to capture as "$"
service Damaged "e"s well captured. Initial letter (captured as "s") almost entirely missing. Probably was originally a capital "S" but impossible to be sure from surviving single dot. Better captured as "$".
he procured Damaged but unambiguous letter "h" well captured, but "r" is completely missing in original. Should be captured as "$".
Endeavours Damaged and somewhat ambiguous letter "r" well captured (though "$" would have been safer), but "o" is virtually completely missing in original. Should be captured as "$".

Hem of Christs Garment; if they do, where|fore should I doubt but that vertue may pro|

Several letters damaged, all correctly captured, but at least the second "r" of "where|fore" would more safely have been captured as "$".