Excessive use of illegibility markers:

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The following three passages were all "gapped" out by the vendor as completely illegible, using $span$ or $page$. They seem mostly legible to us, albeit with occasional blurry characters, some to the point of real doubt. We've supplied a transcription after each example in order to illustrate more or less how we expect it to be captured.

Now to propound a negatiue,
For I feare the accusatiu$,
Will be of $orce bu$ $ransetiue,
Therefore Ile holde my prima$iu$
And neuer be deriuatiue.

|sed valour in pyde garments of supposed gallantry, that i$ obseruation were indigent of vices, he might store him|sel$e $ouble and treble in an army: anger and boast be|ing the parents of oa$he$, custome and $ashion of $r$n|kennesse, $ irreligion of blasph$my. These (my best friend)

PLeaseth your $igh Excellency to $nderstand: I haue receiued certaine intelligence touching the whole o$|currents of all your $orraine businesse$, as well by Land as by Sea, wherein albe Desteny in these latte$ d$sign$s