Overuse of "$word$" in S3070

S3070 is a book which has been rejected several times for overuse of the $WORD$ illegibility marker. The following examples are intended to illustrate why it has been rejected and how we look at the issue of illegibility generally.


The following words, all captured as $WORD$, were counted as transcription errors.

Text Word captured as $word$ Comments
amplie ref 50
chaunge ref 41. soeuer was also unecessarily gapped out, though gave the benefit of the doubt and didn't count as an error.
hanged ref 141
loue ref 24. deerely was also gapped out, but could have been captured.
mortuus ref 224. Although the m is overinked it is still indisputably an m
pacifie ref 197
pietie ref 197
promises ref 216
seruitude ref 108
vehement ref 197
zeale ref 197

Dubious illegibles

The following words, again all captured as $WORD$, could probably have been captured, at least in part, but were not counted as transcription errors.

Text Word that was captured as $word$ Comments
afflictions ref 197
afterwards ref 50.
assertion ref 141
crosse ref 50. the missing r could be captured with a single $
feeling ref 216.
imme|diat, outward ref 24
infirmity ref 224
reioyce ref 216
serue ref 216
suffereth ref 208